Azarga 10mg/Ml + 5mg/Ml Eye Drops (Suspension)

Brinzolamide + Timolol eye prep
"10mg, 5mg/ml"
Pack size 5ml LDPE Dropper Bottle
Dispensing mode POM
AgentModern Pharmaceutical Co.
Retail Price 76.00 AED


Azarga 10mg/Ml + 5mg/Ml Eye Drops (Suspension) is used for: Treatment of elevated IOP in, open-angle glaucoma, ocular HTN

Adult Dose

1 drop into the affected eye(s) twice daily.

Child Dose

Renal Dose


Contra Indications

Bronchial asthma, severe COPD, sinus bradycardia, 2nd or 3rd degree AV block, overt cardiac failure, cardiogenic shock, severe allergic rhinitis, bronchial hyperreactivity, hyperchloraemic acidosis, severe renal impairment.


Control cardiac failure prior to therapy. History of severe cardiac & resp disease. Patients subject to hypoglycemia or labile insulin-dependent diabetes. May mask hyperthyroidism or worsen Prinzmetal's angina, severe peripheral & central circulatory disorders & hypotension. History of atopy or severe anaphylactic reaction to a variety of allergens. Avoid concomitant use of 2 local beta-adrenergic blockers or 2 local carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Close monitoring of IOP in patients w/ pseudoexfoliative or pigmentary glaucoma. Narrow-angle glaucoma. Monitor patients w/ compromised corneas eg patients w/ DM or corneal dystrophies. Remove contact lenses prior to application; reinsert after 15 min. May impair ability to drive or operate machinery. Pregnancy. Childn <18 yr.



Brinzolamide: Concurrent use w/ oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitors may lead to additive systemic effects. Concurrent use w/ high-dose salicylates may lead to toxicity. Timolol: Concomitant admin w/ reserpine may increase hypotension and bradycardia. Additive effects w/ other antihypertensives (e.g. hydralazine, methyldopa). Increased ?-adrenergic blockade (e.g. decreased heart rate) w/ quinidine. Rebound HTN due to abrupt withdrawal of clonidine. Hypotensive effect may be antagonised by NSAIDs (e.g. indomethacin, ibuprofen).

Adverse Effects

Side effects of Brinzolamide + Timolol eye prep : Dysgeusia, blurred vision, eye pain & irritation, foreign body sensation.

Mechanism of Action

Brinzolamide is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor that decreases secretion of aqueous humor thus reducing intraocular pressure. Exact mechanism of ocular hypotensive effect is unclear, but it is thought to be related to reduction of aqueous humour formation. beta-blockade also causes lowering of BP.


Azarga 10mg/Ml + 5mg/Ml "10mg, 5mg/ml" Eye Drops (Suspension) manufactured by ALCON-COUVREUR. Its generic name is Brinzolamide + Timolol eye prep. Azarga 10mg/Ml + 5mg/Ml is availble in United Arab Emirates. Farmaco UAE drug index information on Azarga 10mg/Ml + 5mg/Ml Eye Drops (Suspension) is not intended for diagnosis, medical advice or treatment; neither intended to be a substitute for the exercise of professional judgment.

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