Azopt 1% Eye Drops (Suspension)

Brinzolamide 1% Eye prep
Pack size 5ml Dropper Bottle
Dispensing mode POM
Source USA
AgentModern Pharmaceutical Co.
Retail Price 68.00 AED


Azopt 1% Eye Drops (Suspension) is used for: Open-angle glaucoma , ocular hypertension

Adult Dose

Adult: Ophth Open-angle glaucoma; Ocular HTN As 1% susp: Instill 1 drop 2-3 times/day.

Child Dose

Renal Dose


May be used concomitantly with other topical ophthalmic drug products to lower intraocular pressure; if more than one topical ophthalmic drug being used, administer at least ten min apart

Contra Indications

Brinzolamide 1% ophthalmic suspension is contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to any component of this product.


Hepatic and renal impairment; pregnancy. Efficacy has not been established in angle-closure glaucoma. Ensure an interval of at least 10 minutes between admin of different ophthalmic solutions. Lactation: Not known if distributed in breast milk; not recommedned (discontinue drug or do not nurse)


Pregnancy Category: C Lactation: Not known if distributed in breast milk; not recommedned (discontinue drug or do not nurse)


Brinzolamide: Concurrent use w/ oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitors may lead to additive systemic effects. Concurrent use w/ high-dose salicylates may lead to toxicity.

Adverse Effects

Side effects of Brinzolamide 1% Eye prep : 1-10% Blurred vision (5-10%), Dysgeusia (5-10%), Blepharitis (1-5%), Dermatitis (1-5%), Dry eye (1-5%), Foreign body sensation (1-5%), Headache (1-5%), Hyperemia (1-5%), Ocular discharge (1-5%), Ocular discomfort (1-5%), Ocular keratitis (1-5%), Ocular pain (1-5%), Ocular pruritus (1-5%), Rhinitis (1-5%) <1% Allergic reactions, Alopecia, Chest pain, Conjunctivitis, Diarrhea, Diplopia, Dizziness, Dry mouth, Dyspnea, Dyspepsia, Eye fatigue, Hypertonia, Keratoconjunctivitis, Keratopathy, Kidney pain, Lid margin crusting or sticky sensation, Nausea, Pharyngitis, Tearing, Urticaria

Mechanism of Action

Brinzolamide is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor that decreases secretion of aqueous humor thus reducing intraocular pressure.


Azopt 1% 10mg/ml Eye Drops (Suspension) manufactured by ALCON LABORATORIES, INC.. Its generic name is Brinzolamide 1% Eye prep. Azopt 1% is availble in United Arab Emirates. Farmaco UAE drug index information on Azopt 1% Eye Drops (Suspension) is not intended for diagnosis, medical advice or treatment; neither intended to be a substitute for the exercise of professional judgment.

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